Dr. Herrick Answers
Gen Chem FAQs


Q: Are copies of our textbook on reserve?
A: The Chemistry Department has placed several copies on reserve in the Science Library.


Q: Do you answer questions  by email?
A: Yes, usually within one or two days depending on the volume of mail.  Please include  "CH223" in the subject title.   


Q: My travel  plans conflict with a homework due-date.  May I submit it to WebAssign late? 
A: The "no late homework"  policy applies to all situations.  If  you must leave and won't have access to a computer, plan to  submit your  homework in advance. 


Q: What are "Pressure Quizzes?" 
A: The online Pressure Quizzes are based on questions from my past exams, and emphasize things that should be understood after we have covered the material in lecture.   Use them for practice or as a study guide.   Answers are given at the end of each quiz.   From course evaluations:

"The pressure quizzes are why I was able to pass the mid-terms."  -- j 


Q: Do we need to provide our own scantron for the quizzes/tests or will they be provided?
A: We provide the scantron forms.  I usually put out a stack just before the start of class on a quiz/exam day.   For some exams one may be included inside your exam book to save time.    


Q: Which internet browser works best with this web site?
A: The site has been optimized with Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape 4.5.   Display format may vary between different systems.   


Q: How do I turn off the pressure quiz music?
A: Pressure quizzes include music when displayed with Internet Explorer.   To turn this off deactivate the music option in Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia.  


Q: My printer gives a dark background (and uses lots of ink) for the lecture notes and pressure quizzes.  How do I get rid of this?
A: Go to your browser's Internet Options or Preferences and deactivate the "print background" option.  


Q: Where do I find the lecture notes?
A: Click the date of the lecture on the home-page calendar.  Copies of transparencies from each lecture are normally posted the same evening.  


Q: I think there may be a mistake in my quiz score.  What should I do?
A: Bring all quiz and exam grade concerns directly to me as soon as possible within one week after the results are posted on Blackboard.   Contacting me by email is the best way to start. 


Q: One of my scores on Blackboard is a "-1."  What does that mean?
A: The "-1" means that the computer did not record a scanform from you on a quiz or exam.  This happens when you don't submit a scanform, or when the computer couldn't match your name & ID bubbles to the class list.  Contact me regarding all score problems as soon as possible (no later than one week after the grade is posted).  All "-1" scores are converted to "0" before grades are computed.   


Q: Where do I find the answers to exams, quizzes, and homework?

Test answers  are posted in the lecture notes for the day of the exam or quiz.   Homework answers are are available in WebAssign after the scheduled due date.      



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